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Acne Scar Treatment in Faridabad

Acne is the most common cause of scars on the face. These scars not only affect the skin but also have a huge impact on the patient's psyche. Many patients report decreased self-confidence and scars affecting their personalities. The good part is that there are treatments available for acne scars. To get the maximum outcome from your acne scar treatments, it is important to get yourself examined and evaluated by a qualified dermatologist.

Skination is the best clinic for acne scar treatment in Faridabad and South Delhi. Here,  our dermatologists assess your acne scars thoroughly, and treatment is tailored to your needs and expectations. Safety and efficacy are the two virtues we do not compromise on while treating your acne scars at Skination Clinic.

We have qualified dermatologists with experience spanning more than a decade to treat your acne scars in the best way possible.

How Do Scars Form?
  • Once you develop acne, the skin starts to repair itself. The healing is often not complete, and the skin repair is not as appropriate as it was before the acne eruption, resulting in acne scars. This is especially true when acne is bigger, deeper, and long-standing. 
  • Also, when you pick, press, and try to expel the acne material out, the scarring tendency increases. This is because there is collagen loss or denaturation that happens during scar formation.

Therefore, acne scar treatments are targeted towards collagen induction, and these treatments are called collagen induction therapies.

What is Collagen?

Collagen is the building block of proteins in the skin. This is the one that gives the skin its desired strength, and the texture of the skin is also maintained because of collagen. Disruption of this protein shows acne scars.

What are the Various Types of Acne Scars?

  • Acne scars can be superficial, called furrows and craters. 
  • When deep, these scars are called ice picks, box scars, and rolling scars. These types of scars are different in size, shape, edges, margins, and depth.
  • There is also another type of scar called a hypertrophic scar, which is raised from the surface of the skin.

Factors Determining the Type of Acne Scar Treatment

Among the various differences in the types of acne scars, it is the depth of the scars that’s the major decisive factor in choosing the treatment modalities and setting them up for the maximum yet safest outcome.

Deciding the treatment modality for acne scars:

1. Type of Acne Scar: This is the most important factor. Depending on whether they are superficial or deep, the modalities are chosen. Also, the shape and depth of the scar help decide the treatment of choice.

2. Site of Involvement: The treatment can differ according to the location of acne scars; the face, neck, chest, and back are the most common sites.

3. Severity of Acne Scars: In terms of number of lesions, overall appearance, and depth of scars.

4. Skin Type: Dry, sensitive, oily, or combination skin needs to be taken into account 

5. Skin Colour: Darker skin types can have a longer downtime compared to lighter skin tones. Therefore, the treatment chosen has to be done accordingly.

When dermatologists at Skination Clinic customize acne scar treatments, the aim is to provide the best possible acne scar treatment in South Delhi and Faridabad through a combination of treatment modalities for collagen induction.

Treatments for Acne Scars

At Skination, all international-standard, result-oriented acne scar treatment modalities are available. These include Fractional lasers, Microneedling Radiofrequency, Pla-te-let rich pl-as-ma treatment, intralesional injections, mesotherapy, subcision, and fillers.

  • Fractional CO2 Laser

This is an effective laser scar removal treatment. The laser system uses light of a particular wavelength. When this light penetrates the deeper layer of the skin, it induces collagen. To get the maximum outcome from this laser, the right energy selection and patient selection are important. This is possible when the evaluation and use of this modality are decided by your dermatologist. At Skination, we make sure that each session of the entire treatment plan is decided, devised, and done by our dermatologist.

Though this laser has a higher downtime, the outcomes are also superior. Also, deeper, stubborn scars respond excellently to this laser modality. As this technology is fractional, the energy is delivered through microchannels, ensuring safety in addition to being result-oriented.

  • Microneedling Radiofrequency

Collagen induction remains the mainstay mode of action in this acne scar treatment modality. Radiofrequency through microchannels created by needles is the method used here. The depth of its penetration is decided by our dermatologist depending on the types of scars and the area involved. The downtime is low, and a boost of collagen gives the skin shine as well. The best part of this microneedling radiofrequency treatment is that it can be used on all skin colours safely and without worrying about post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

  • Pla-te-let Rich Pl-as-ma Treatment 

The concentrated pla-te-let extract from the patient's own blood is used in this treatment modality. Famous as vampire treatment, the repair to the skin is visible after each session. Acne scars improve due to growth factors being released into the skin where they are injected. These growth factors enhance collagen production, take care of marks, and induce the repair needed for the treatment of scars.

  • Intralesional Injections

This is reserved for patients with severe nodulocystic acne. These are big and deep acne spots that, when treated at the right time with intralesional injections, respond quickly. Thus preventing the formation of severe scars.

  • Subcision 

Used for rolling scars. This modality is an expert dermatologist-designed treatment. This treatment is based on the fact that the fibrous bands that are formed at the base of these scars pull them down. Breaking these bands by penetrating at the right depth treats the scars. Also, the repair happens as there is new collagen formation.

  • Dermal Fillers

Hyaluronic acid fillers or other dermal fillers are used to treat acne scars. 

Acne Scar Treatment in South Delhi

Why Choose Skination clinic for Acne Scar?

Skination is the best clinic for acne scar treatment in South Delhi because:

1. Experienced dermatologists with experience spanning more than a decade.

2. Experience of working at some top-notch institutes like AIIMS, Delhi; Max Smart Hospital, Saket Delhi; Paras Hospital, Gurgaon; Rockland Hospital, Qutub Delhi.

3. The latest techniques and technologies are used for acne scar treatment.

4. Safe and effective treatment, customized for each patient.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Acne Scar Treatments Safe?

Getting acne scar treatment done with experienced dermatologists at Skination ensures utmost safety in addition to superior outcomes. To ensure safety, we take the following measures as a part of our protocol:

  • Thorough examination
  • Detailed history 
  • Past medical skin treatment details
  • Daily skincare routine 
  • Your occupation or daily outdoor activities
  • Using the latest modalities 
  • Approved techniques and technologies only
  • Every patient follows up after the session.
  • A detailed explanation of post-care

What Post-care is needed for Acne Scars?

Like in many skin procedures, strict sun protection is something that everyone should follow. This does not mean that you can't do your routines or are totally homebound. This means regular use of sunscreen, even if indoors, and repeating it every 2-3 hours. Also, physical modes of sun protection like caps, umbrellas, and covering the face or treated area Avoiding any prolonged and direct sun exposure helps to get the maximum benefit out of the procedure and avoid any side effects. 

What are the Risks/complications that can happen with Acne Scar Treatments?

Since acne scar procedures are done under local anaesthesia, the skin is numb during the session. The procedure, therefore, is comfortable. 

  • Though some patients notice a mild, itchy, burning sensation that is easy to manage. There can also be transient redness that subsides on the same day or the next day of the session.
  • Some acne scar treatments, like fractional laser, can have longer downtimes that can vary from 2-7 days. These sessions should not be done before an event or party. These factors must be discussed with the dermatologist before the session is started.

What is the Cost of Acne Scar Treatment in Faridabad, South Delhi, and Delhi?

The acne scar treatment cost in Faridabad or any other state differs from patient to patient. It depends on some factors, like:

  • The size of the area that is to be treated
  • The modality used for treatment
  • The types and severity of scars
  • The number of sessions needed
  • The experience and credentials of treating dermatologists.

To get an effective acne scar treatment or to learn about acne scar treatment costs, visit Skination Clinic, the top skin clinic in Faridabad and Chhattarpur, South Delhi. Consult the skin experts now.

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Acne Scars

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Acne Scars

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