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Laser Hair Reduction for the Underarms

For many people, unwanted hair on the underarms can be an irritating and time-consuming issue. Many patients come to us and ask for a permanent solution to unwanted underarm hairs. One can get the best laser hair reduction at South Delhi and Faridabad at our clinic, Skination Clinic.

Some want to get rid of their hair in this area so as to be free from frequent salon visits, and some want to always be party-ready. Many patients complain of their underarm skin going darker with the use of hair removal creams, shaving, etc. Waxing and shaving can be time-consuming and painful, and the results are also temporary.

Laser treatment for hair reduction is a fast, effective, convenient, and permanent solution to unwanted underarm hairs. Let us understand how lasers work, what benefits they provide, and all the precautions that you need.

How Does Laser Work?

Laser hair reduction is a specific and advanced way of targeting the hair roots. It targets the bulb and follicle cells specifically, ensuring hair removal, while being the same for other skin cells. Once the laser light energy reaches the root of the hair, it converts into heat, and hair growth is stopped. The advanced laser machines have cooling systems to ensure that no other skin area is damaged and the procedure is comfortable. 

At Skination, to provide the best laser hair reduction, we use US FDA-approved, triple-wavelength laser hair reduction. 

Benefits of a Triple-wavelength Laser

Now let us understand the benefits of triple-wavelength laser hair reduction.

With conventional lasers that have only one particular wavelength, they penetrate at one depth in the skin and target the hairs. With triple-wavelength lasers, three different laser wavelengths reach at three different depths, ensuring results on fine, thick, and medium-thickness hairs.

Thus, the outcome with a triple-wavelength laser is far superior. Also, different wavelengths of light ensure that different skin colours and body areas can be treated safely.

Benefits of Laser Hair Reduction

Laser Hair Reduction treatment: benefits

  • The best part of this treatment is that the results are permanent; it only requires a very few touch-up sessions.
  • The chances of ingrown hair are minimized to provide a strawberry skin appearance.
  • The procedure is simple, fast, effective, and a convenient way of saying goodbye to unwanted body hair.
  • Cost-effectiveness and long-term outcomes make it one of the most sought-after laser treatments.
  • USFDA Approved technology ensures a safe and effective procedure for all skin colours and body areas.
  • It is virtually painless, especially when you compare it with salon services like waxing and epilating.

Consult now with Dr. Rajat Gupta for effective laser hair reduction at Skination Clinic located in South Delhi and Faridabad to avail of these outstanding benefits of laser treatment.

What are the Pre-treatment Precautions You Need?

1. Avoid sun exposure on beaches, sun baths, and sun tanning immediately before and after sessions. This means the session is not to be done immediately after or a few days after these travels and holidays involving sun exposure.

2. Avoid waxing, plucking, or epilating the area of laser hair reduction before your session. Here we have to understand that the laser targets the root of the hair below the skin; if we remove the hair root by salon services like waxing, the root hair will not be targeted by the laser. 

3. Avoid physical exfoliation, rubbing, or scrubbing of the area before the session.

4. Stop using skin-lightening and retinol-based creams 3 days before and after sessions.

5. Use sunscreen well. Though you can carry out all your routines, sun protection and the use of sunscreen are always good and advised.

6. If you are getting other procedures like chemical peels or lasers for pigmentation, discuss with your dermatologist the gap needed between these sessions and laser for hair removal.

What are the Post-treatment care needs for Laser Hair Reduction?

  • Avoid rubbing and scratching the area.
  • Avoid tweezing, shaving, and waxing after a laser session.
  • Take good care of your skin and apply sunscreen.
  • As your dermatologist has advised, use post-laser sunscreen and moisturizer.
  • Avoid hot baths, saunas, swimming, and hot bath tubs for 2-3 days after laser.

How is the Procedure Done?

  • The area to be treated is cleaned, marked, and shaved.
  • The machine is set with the right parameters for a particular skin colour, hair colour and body area.
  • The eye goggles are worn on the eyes to provide protection.
  • The treatment area is cooled with a cooling gel.
  • Then the laser is done, which is fast and comfortable as the tip is ice-cold.
  • Both underarms take 15 minutes, including the shaving and laser time.
  • After the session is done, the skin is cleaned off the gel, and an ice pack is applied for a few minutes.
  • The application of post-laser cream, moisturizer, and sunscreen is done.

Dr. Rajat Gupta and his team of laser professionals are dedicated to assisting patients in achieving the finest results possible with laser hair reduction procedures, and they provide affordable underarm, face, and full-body laser hair reduction at Skination Clinic located in Faridabad and Chhattarpur, South Delhi.

Visit Skination Clinic, the best skin clinic in Chhattarpur and Faridabad, to achieve hair-free, smooth skin!

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