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Wrinkle Removal Treatment

Do you want to keep looking young, no matter how old you are? Do you want wrinkle-free skin with an easy, non-surgical procedure? Are you looking for a safe, globally accepted wrinkle removal treatment?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, you are looking for bot-ulin-um tox-in wrinkle reduction treatment, also known as anti-wrinkle injection. Before going into details about this wrinkle reduction treatment, let's first understand a few things about wrinkles.


How Do Wrinkles Develop on the Face?

As we express ourselves, the muscles move in the act of our expression. With these muscles, the overlying skin moves too. Over the years, these movements result in the development of wrinkles on our faces.

How Do Facial Wrinkles Affect Our Appearance?

As we develop wrinkles on our face, it starts to give an unpleasant and aged look to the face. Also, there is the development of looks that are considered negative emotions on the face. 

For example- Frown lines make one look angry, and lines near eyes and angles of the eye make one look tired.

What are the Types of Wrinkles?

Most wrinkles are of two types:

1. Dynamic Lines: When you express, the muscles below the skin move, and thus dynamic lines are formed. These are the wrinkles that are visible as we express. For example, smiling, frowning, and questioning expressions result in the development of wrinkles.

2. Static Lines: Later, the dynamic lines become static. These are the ones that have become permanent and are present even without expression.

Wrinkle reduction treatments are primarily for dynamic lines. Though with this treatment, even static lines become better as the muscles are relaxed.

How Does Anti-Wrinkle Injection Treatment Work?

Wrinkle reduction treatment with botu-li-num to-xin works by blocking the chemical signal transmission from nerve to muscle, thus preventing muscle contraction. Therefore, even when you express them, the wrinkles are not visible, giving a wrinkle-free, youthful appearance.

Is Anti-wrinkle Injection Reduction Treatment Safe?

Anti-wrinkle Injection reduction treatment, when done by an expert dermatologist, is absolutely safe. It involves the examination of the patient, discussion of the expected outcome, and the right patient selection.

Facts about Bot-uli-num Tox-in

It is interesting to note that Botulinum treatment is used for over 100 medical indications across the globe. Out of these different medical indications, the doses used in aesthetic indications are among the lowest.
These indications vary from headaches to overactive bladders.

1. It is the most common anti-aging procedure in the world.

2. Botulinum treatment can reduce sweating from the underarms, palms, and soles if you wish to do so.

3. It is one of the safest procedures available for wrinkle reduction and anti-aging.

4. Botulinum can decrease the size of your open pores.

5. It is the longest acting nonsurgical treatment for wrinkle reduction.

How Long Does the Treatment take?

The procedure takes only a few minutes. For example, face takes less than 15 minutes of your time. 

When Do I see the Results of Wrinkle Reduction Treatment?

It takes around 2–7 days to see the full effect of wrinkle reduction treatments done with anti-wrinkle injections.

How Long will the Effects Last?

Though the longevity of treatment varies in people depending on their lifestyle, metabolism, and facial muscle movement, On average, the effect of anti- wrinkle treatment lasts for 4-6 months. This is the longest-acting nonsurgical treatment for wrinkle reduction.

Which Company's Wrinkle Reduction Products should be used?

Bo-to-x and Dy-sport are the brand names of two world-famous wrinkle reduction molecules.

At Skination, we use the globally acclaimed Bo-to-x and Dy-sport, ensuring not only efficacy but also safety for each of our patients.

How Do I Know Which Areas to Treat?

Depending on your age, skin concerns, and expectations, your dermatologist will guide you in the treatment of particular areas. For example, if you are worried about lines between your brows, it is called the frown area treatment. Similarly, forehead lines and wrinkles at the angle of the eyes are treated if that is your concern.

You can ask your dermatologist for some pre-treatment pictures to understand what results to expect after the treatment.

How to Enjoy the Best Outcome from Wrinkle Reduction Treatment?

There are three things that ensure the best outcome:

1. Quality Products: Bo-to-x and Dy-sport are the ones that we use. These are two globally available products. Ensuring efficiency and safety.

2. Right Patient Selection: Understanding the face's needs, wishes, and desires for wrinkle reduction treatment and discussing the exact outcome expected from the treatment is very important.

3. Choosing Your Dermatologist Injector Well: Get it done by a qualified dermatologist with expertise and experience in the field. Choosing a Dermatologist who does these anti-ageing treatments regularly ensures a pleasant outcome.

At Skination, our dermatologists, Dr. Rajat Gupta and Dr. Swati Agarwal, are internationally trained in anti-ageing skin treatments. They have been regularly doing these treatments for more than a decade now. They attend conferences regularly to train other dermatologists and to keep learning the latest techniques for the best outcomes. So, you can be well assured that you will be in good hands. 

How is the Procedure Done?

 Following steps are followed:

 1. Detailed discussion with your dermatologist about the bothersome areas, expectations, and expected outcomes.

 2. After deciding on the areas to be treated, numbing cream is applied to the treatment area. This ensures that treatment is comfortable.

 3. After removing the numbing cream in 30–40 minutes, the area to be treated is marked.

 4. Alcohol swabs are used to clean the treatment area.

 5. The dermatologist might ask you to frown, smile, or raise your eyebrows to see the extent of wrinkles and muscle mass and decide the area of treatment.

 6. Bo-to-x/dy-sport is loaded in the specific fine 31-G syringe to inject the areas to be treated.

 7. An appropriate number of units from this syringe are injected in specific areas, ensuring the desired outcome.

 8. Antibiotic cream is applied.

 9. Post-care is explained.

What is Post-care for Wrinkle Reduction Treatments?

1. Avoid rubbing or scrubbing the area for 2 days.

2. Use drinking water to wash your face for one day after your procedure.

3. Apply topical antibiotic cream to the treatment area for 3 days after your session.

4. Avoid gymming, swimming, and heavy exercises for 2–3 days.

5. Avoid using makeup for two days.

Are You Prepared for Wrinkle Reduction Treatment?

1. Discuss with your dermatologist if you are the right candidate for wrinkle reduction treatment.

2. Tell your dermatologist about your current or past medication history or illnesses.

3. Share with your dermatologist if you are taking any medicines, for example, blood thinners and supplements.

4. In cases of active herpes infection, furuncles, or folliculitis of the face, treatment can be postponed.

Depending on these, your dermatologist will tell you if and when you can go for wrinkle reduction treatment.

What is the Cost of Wrinkle Reduction Treatment with Bo-to-x or Dy-sport?

The cost of wrinkle reduction treatment depends on:

1. Area of treatment

2. Muscle strength and muscle mass

3. Expectations of the patient about the ultimate outcome

4. Need for single or multiple sessions

5. Need for combination modalities

On average, the cost can vary from INR 6,000 to INR 10,000 for each treated area.

What are the Commonly Treated Indications when going for Wrinkle Reduction Treatment on the face?

1. Forehead lines

2. Frown lines – elevens between the brows

3. Crow’s feet – at the angle of the eye

4. Poppy chin – dimpling of the chin area

5. Bunny lines – on the nose

6. Neck bands – vertical bands of platysma

7. Sagging jawline Nefertiti’s lift

8. Under-eye lines – more visible as one smiles.

9. Eyelid fold – looks like a thick lower eyelid 

10. Fine lines – meso-bo-to-x is used 

11. Open pores – meso-bo-to-x is used

Visit Skination Clinic, the best skin clinic in Chhattarpur (South Delhi) and Faridabad, to get the benefits of anti-wrinkle injections to achieve tighter, more youthful-looking skin and diminish the signs of aging on the face.

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All about Wrinkle reduction

All about Wrinkle reduction


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