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Wrinkle Reduction Treatment of the Frown Lines

The frown line is the prominence of the fold between the brows, which is the upper end of the nose. This typically appears as two vertical lines between the brows, also called the ‘elevens’ between the brows.

The patterns of these lines can vary in different individuals depending on the use of frown expression, muscle strength, and skin texture. This appearance is often noted as an angry, frowning expression, which makes people unhappy about it. In addition to the aged look that these wrinkles bring.

The anti-wrinkle injection is thus opted for by many patients at Skination Clinic in Faridabad and Chhattarpur (South Delhi), as this treatment smooths out the wrinkle pattern by relaxing the muscles. 

Basics You Should Know About the Frown Area

The glabellar area is the name of this area between the brows; it gets tensed and wrinkled when muscles move in this area. This happens as an individual.

1. Frowns: This is the expression many of us naturally have while interacting. Repeated such expressions over the years form these lines.
2. During Concentrated Vision: Long working hours on laptops, screen time, and digital media interactions are major causes, as when we do these activities, the muscles between the brows are contracted as we focus our vision.

In our younger years, the skin is still elastic, and the frown is therefore less pronounced. As we grow older and the elasticity of our skin decreases, muscle movement makes these lines more pronounced. Further, when left untreated, these lines become permanent.

Impact of Frown Lines

The impact of frown lines on an individual’s look is:

1. Aged look
2. Emotional impact: gives a negative emotional attribute to the face. 
3. Grumpy impressions of personality are perceived by many due to a frown complex on the face.
4. Overall facial youthful appearance is negatively impacted.

Treatment for Frown Lines

Relaxing the Glabella with Anti-Wrinkle Injection

Anti-wrinkle reduction is an effective treatment for smoothing out various dynamic lines, such as frown lines. It is interesting to know that frown lines were actually the first area that was officially approved for aesthetic use in the 1990s. Soon this treatment gained popularity worldwide, considering the ease, safety, and quick results it gives compared to other alternatives.

What are the Various Types of Frown Lines?

Depending on their appearance, frown lines can vary greatly.

The below-mentioned factors have an impact on how these lines look.

1. Age
2. Gender
3. Ethnicity
4. Facial expressions
5. Anatomical differences in patterns

To attain pleasant and optimum results with wrinkle reduction treatment of the frown area, it is important to take into consideration these differences.

The 5 different types of frown lines, as suggested by studies, are illustrated below.

1. ‘U’ Shaped
2. ‘V’ shaped
3. Omega
4. Invert omega
5. Converse arrow

According to research, there are five distinct types of frown lines, which are depicted below. To achieve the best effects, anti-wrinkle injections should be administered into the frown line at the highlighted places in white.



Here it shows two vertical central lines. Typically requiring 5 point treatment of this frown area.



In addition to the central line, the lines and bulges extend to the edge of the central muscle. Typically at 2 additional points are injected in this case in addition to typical 5 points of injection in a frown complex.



The indistinct omega symbol is formed here as the frown muscles contract. This requires treatment points to change as per the shape of omega.


Invert. Omega

In the case of the inverted omega shape, the muscles here strongly pull the skin down thus requiring treatment points to be below, reaching deep into the nose base.


Conv. Arrows

This is variation of typical U-shape with only weak downward tension. In such cases, the central injection into the procerus muscle can be omitted and only the corrugators that are at the sides are injected.

Treatment Steps

The steps of the anti-wrinkle Injection treatment are:

  • Consultation

A detailed discussion with the dermatologist involves sharing the concern area, medical history, past treatment history, understanding the outcome, seeing some pre-post pictures, and an examination by the dermatologist.

This is your opportunity to ask any questions that you have about the treatment. Whether the goal of your treatment is achievable or not, for example, is a good idea to discuss. If you are satisfied with all the answers and want to go with the procedure, consent is taken for the treatment. Photographs taken prior to the session are taken at rest and in animation to see the exact extent of lines.

  • Local Anaesthesia

A topical numbing cream is applied to the area of treatment for around 30–40 minutes; this ensures that the prick pain is as much alleviated during treatment as possible. Though this part is not necessary, some patients don’t get the cream applied to save on time, which is alright if they are not too sensitive to the pricking part of the procedure.

  • Disinfection and Sterility

The treatment area is cleaned and disinfected with alcohol swabs, and steps of sterility are followed during the entire procedure.

  • Injection

The area to be injected is marked with a skin pencil. This totally depends on the types of frown lines and varies among different individuals. Most of the time, frown treatment is a 5-point injection treatment, but sometimes it can be 1-2 points less or more than that. Typically, it takes less than 5 minutes to treat the area.

  • Post Care 

Topical antibiotic cream is applied to the treated area, and patients can see themselves in the mirror. They are asked to follow up in 7–10 days. For anything bothersome, they can contact the clinic immediately.

What Are the Risks of Anti-Wrinkle Injection Treatment in the Frown Line?

When done with an experienced dermatologist, anti-wrinkle injections in the frown area are one of the safest wrinkle reduction treatments. 

The risks revolve around infection, if:

  • The area is not cleaned well, and aseptic measures are not taken.
  • Inappropriate dosing, whether overdosing or underdosing, can give unpleasant results.
  • Proximity near the eye, thus an out-of-place injection, can result in transient ptosis of the eyelid (eyelid drop).

Though all these effects are reversible, they can be a cause of stress if they persist. Therefore, our experts always suggest getting this treatment done with an experienced dermatologist only.

What is the Cost of Frown Lines Treatment?

You have to know that frown line treatment is not only about getting injected; it is about getting the desired outcome and doing it with an experienced dermatologist for a pleasant outcome. 

The charges can vary depending on the sites and units of injection used for the treatment. Most of the charges vary from INR 6,000 to INR 10,000. Though this is not the exact general amount charged by the patients, it can vary for different patients. This cost is far less than what is charged in the US or UK for the same injection. We insist that treatment be done with experienced dermatologists when it comes to anti-ageing treatments like anti-wrinkle reduction.

What Should I Expect After My Frown Wrinkle Reduction Treatment?

1. The treatment area might look a little bumpy or red for 1-2 hours maximum. 
2. Due to injection, there can be bruises at some sites, which settle in a few days if at all they happen.
3. You can resume your work immediately after the session; no leaves or breaks are needed. Therefore, it is famous as a lunchtime procedure.

Is Anti-Wrinkle injection in the Frown Line Safer Than Hyaluronic Acid filler treatment?

Absolutely Yes. The glabella region is much more safely treated with anti-wrinkle injections as compared to Hyaluronic acid fillers, as this area is traversed by blood vessels. In this frown area, fillers should be avoided as much as possible. Natural-looking wrinkle reduction can be achieved by anti-wrinkle injections easily and safely.

There is a benefit to treating these frown lines early, so that the lines are visible only in motion (dynamic lines) and there are no static lines, which happen over the years. This ensures maximum outcome from the anti-wrinkle injection itself, with no need for hyaluronic acid filler in this area.

Visit the Skination Clinic, the best skin clinic in Chhattarpur (South Delhi) and Faridabad, to get the benefits of anti-wrinkle injections for frown lines to achieve tighter and more youthful-looking skin and diminish the signs of aging on the face.


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