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Hair Fall Treatment in Faridabad & South Delhi

Skination is the best clinic for hair fall treatment in Faridabad and Chhattarpur, South Delhi. The clinic is committed to providing the best customized, result-oriented hair fall treatment to each patient.

Approach followed- Each patient who visits Skination with the concern of hair loss or fall is analyzed, their history is taken in detail, and if needed, investigations are done to determine the cause of the hair fall.

Causes of Hair Loss or Hair fall

As different types of hair loss and fall need different treatments, it is important to know the root cause.

  • Hair fall can happen to both men and women at different stages of life. On one side, autoimmune causes of hair loss are common in kids and females; on the other hand, Androgenetic alopecia is more common in men. In various phases of life, a female often experiences more severe and prolonged hair fall and hair thinning after her delivery. Post-menopausal hair fall is also common in females, presenting with a different pattern.
  • Hair fall after acute illnesses, hospitalization, or stress can happen in both men and women.
  • The most common causes of hair fall are nutritional deficiency, acute illness, hereditary diseases, autoimmune diseases, and infections.

Treatment Provided at Skination

Many times, medicines are enough to treat hair loss. In more severe cases, we need to add some procedures to enhance the outcome, thus decreasing hair fall and increasing the growth and thickness of hair shafts.

Skination Clinic provides the latest, research-based, internationally acclaimed treatments for hair fall. Advanced G-F-C, Mesotherapy, hair root growth enhancers, and hair transplant are the procedures chosen according to type of hair loss, severity of fall or thinning, age of the patient, and expectations of the patient, to name a few. The selection and execution of procedures are done by Dr. Rajat Gupta or Dr. Swati Agarwal, our expert trichologists with more than a decade of experience in hair fall treatments.

Meet the hair fall experts at Skination Clinic, to get the best hair fall treatment in South Delhi and Faridabad, to get effective treatment and learn more about hair loss treatment costs.

Hair Fall Treatment in Faridabad, South Delhi

Some men have areas on the scalp that are very sensitive to the male sex hormones that circulate in men’s blood. The hormones make the hair follicles – from which hair grows – shrink. Eventually, they become so small that they cannot replace lost hairs. The follicles are still alive, but are no longer able to perform their task. The condition usually starts in men aged 20 to 30 and follows a typical pattern.

However, thanks to the advancements in medical technology, treatments are available for hair fall. One can get effective hair fall treatment in Faridabad and South Delhi at our esteemed clinic.

Thyroid disease, Anemia, Protein deficiency, Chemotherapy, and low vitamin levels also cause hair loss.

First, a receding hairline develops, and gradually the hair on top of the head also begins to thin. Eventually, the two balding areas meet to form a typical U-shape around the back and sides of the head. The hair that remains is often finer and does not grow as quickly as it used to.

Hair fall treatment in South Delhi

To provide the best hair fall treatment in South Delhi and Faridabad, the hair experts at our clinic perform a thorough analysis of the patient's condition. After finding out the condition's root cause, the treatment plan is customized. Some of the treatment options available at Skination Clinic are:

Treatment by Medicine: Hair loss at early stages can be treated with medicines but depends upon the pattern and density of baldness.
Non-Surgical Treatments: Nonsurgical Hair Transplantation methods include GFC (Growth Factor Concentrate), Mesotherapy, Derma Roller Treatment. Also, some other options are Hair Fiber Powders, Laser Combs, and Hairpieces to help bald people getting an ideal solution.

Hair Transplantation: Hair Transplant is a surgical technique that works mainly by the extracting hair from a Hair loss resistant area and planting them to a bald part. It can reinstate eyebrows, eyelashes, beard hair, and to fill in scars caused by accidents or surgery such as Facelift or previous Hair Transplants.

Hair Weaving: Hair Weaving is a nonsurgical technique of fixing a patch of natural human hair in the bald area. The patch is attached carefully to get it merged well with the existing hair. This process gives you natural looking hair but with a fixed look.

To know more about effective hair fall treatment in Faridabad and South Delhi, visit Skination Clinic.

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