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Facial Hair Reduction

Women always aspire for beautiful, thick, and shiny hair when it comes to the crown of their body, which is their head! But when there is hair growth on other parts of the body where it does not seem natural, it becomes a reason for stress. 

This is especially true when females have thick, coarse hair on the chin, cheeks, jaw line, and neck. This brings about social embarrassment, and they often report feeling low. One can get the best facial laser hair removal at our advanced laser clinic, Skination Clinic.

Routine salon activities like waxing and threading never give a permanent result and are quite painful. At-home procedures like epilation and shaving also need to be done frequently, and hairs grow back within a few days. So there is always a wish to get some easy, comfortable, and permanent solutions for these unwanted facial hairs.

The good news is that laser treatment for facial hair removal is the answer to this issue of unwanted facial hair in women. It is safe, effective, and permanent.

Before discussing how laser hair reduction treats unwanted hair, let us first know why females develop excessive hair on unwanted body areas like the face.


What Triggers Hair Growth on the Lower Face of Females?

Unwanted facial hairs on a female's face, like the chin, neck, and jawline area, are due to hormonal imbalances in the body. 

Our body has a good balance of hormones, and a change in their concentration in our body can result in many symptoms. One of those in a female is the development of unwanted facial hair.

Since hormonal changes start to take place at puberty, the first few disturbing hair strands are seen around this age. This growth can progress over the years in the twenties, thirties, and even forties. Also, many women start to see unwanted facial hair around menopause, when there is again a change in hormonal balance.

What are the Causes of Hormonal Imbalances resulting in Unwanted Facial Hair?

  •  PCOD

Polycystic ovarian disease is one of the most common causes. When ovaries have immature follicles, hormonal disturbances bring about various changes, one of which is unwanted facial hair.

Many patients also notice disturbances in menstrual cycles, acne, weight gain, darkening of skin folds, and an abnormal lipid profile.

  • Tes-to-ster-one Level 

1. Increase in Tes-to-ster-one Hormone in Female Body 

Either tes-to-ster-one is increased or there is an increase in free tes-to-ster-one. Normally, there is a protein that binds tes-to-ster-one. A decrease in this protein results in increased free tes-to-ster-one. Now, an increase in the blood concentration of this free tes-to-ster-one, which is more active, produces symptoms.

2. The Hair Follicles are Hypersensitive to even the Normal Concentration of this Hormone.
Sometimes the levels of tes-to-ster-one in blood tests are normal. However, at that time, it is the hair roots that are hypersensitive to even the normal concentration of tes-to-ster-one, resulting in increased thickness, density, and length of the hair.

Now, the extent of hormonal imbalance and severity of hair follicle involvement vary in females. This governs the unwanted hair growth, and thus some females can have few strands and others have a high density of thick unwanted hair.

Dr. Rajat Gupta, a skilled dermatologist, offers the best laser treatment for hair removal at his clinic in Faridabad and South Delhi. He offers a comprehensive treatment that helps his patients achieve a smooth hair-free skin.

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Facial Hair?

First and foremost, know that laser hair reduction is permanent on all body areas except the female face. Even the American Academy of Dermatology Association clearly mentions this. Therefore, a female's face will need some maintenance sessions.

It is important to do hormonal investigations to determine if there is any imbalance in the hormonal profile. There might or may not be any serious medical conditions, but doing a simple blood test is always better. This is what is followed at Skination Clinic to provide the best laser hair removal.

Now that every patient with unwanted facial hair wants a permanent result, laser hair reduction is a great relief.

How Many Laser Sessions are Needed?

The laser light targets the root of the hair and starts to decrease its growth from the very first sessions. Because hairs are in different phases on even the same body area, lasers need sessions to target them all. Therefore, at least 8–10 sessions are advised for laser hair reduction on the face.

US-FDA approved triple-wavelength laser is the most advanced technology for pain free hair removal. This highly effective and safe modality works on all skin tones and hair types.

What are the Benefits of Laser Hair Removal for Unwanted Facial Hair?

1. The results are permanent.
2. The procedure takes less than 20–25 minutes.
3. Safest modality
4. Most effective 
5. Very convenient 

What are the Differences in Laser Hair Reduction for the Body as Compared to Face?

1. Body parts need 6–8 sessions. Face needs 8–10 sessions, so 2 more sessions are needed.
2. Although facial hair is under hormonal influence, body hair may not be.
3. Body hair growth is slow; facial hair growth is fast.
4. Less maintenance sessions are needed on the body and more on the face.

Since laser treatment is the only permanent method of hair removal, it is the most promising method. 

Unlike the popular myth that lasers will result in increased hair growth on the treated area, lasers do not increase hair growth. It is actually the only permanent solution to this common problem.

To know more about the procedure and its benefits, schedule a consultation with the skin and laser experts at Skination Clinic, the best skin clinic in Faridabad and Chhattarpur. 

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Laser Hair Reduction

Laser Hair Reduction


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