10 Effective Winter Care Habits For Healthy Hair And Scalp

Feb, 09 2024

Winters is the time that can go tough on hair. The dryness of this season also makes hair dry and lustless. Some also experience scalp itching, dryness, and dandruff. These are some common hair concerns we address daily, says expert dermats. We have two dynamic duo of dermatologists who founded Skination Clinic. Due to our expertise in dealing with skin concerns and hair issues, our doctor is the best dermatologist in Chhattarpur, South Delhi. 

We believe the tips the experts provided will help you eliminate all hair concerns that usually occur in winter. Let’s learn about it.

10 Tips for Keeping Hair & Scalp Healthy in Winter 

Here are ten easy tips for maintaining healthy hair and scalp in the winter season - 

1. Avoid Hot Water for Washing your Head

Lukewarm or warm water is ideal for head washing in winter. Hot water makes hair frizzy and damages the shafts. Also, hair management after washing with hot water is challenging because the hair gets tangled and is difficult to comb. Such frizzy hairs also are prone to breakage.

2. Sulphate Free Shampoo for Dry Hair

Not everyone needs a sulphate-free shampoo. It is best recommended in winter and for people with rough and dry hair. So, this season is the best time for using a sulphate-free shampoo.

3. Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Only on Roots

Dandruff is known to increase in winter. So when using an anti-dandruff shampoo, remember it is only used on roots and not hair shafts. when used on hair shafts, the hair's natural moisture content will be washed off, too.

4. Reverse Conditioning for Dry, Frizzy Hairs

In contrast to the popular practice of conditioning the hair after shampooing, winter is the time for reverse conditioning. This means before you wash your head with shampoo, apply conditioner on the shafts and keep it for 10 mins. Use shampoo after this conditioning. This prevents dryness due to shampoo and keeps hair soft and silky.

5. Avoid Heat Styling 

Harsh hair straightening with tools, styling tongs, and heat drying of hair are bad ideas, especially in this season. The reason is that hair and air are already dry in winter. Heat styling further blows out hair moisture and dries it.

6. Hair Oiling Before Head Wash

Like reverse conditioning, oiling before head washing in winter prevents frizzy hairs. Oils work by making the shafts softer and avoiding dryness due to shampoos. Oiling before headwash should be restricted to shafts only if your scalp has dandruff. Out of various oils available, coconut oil is still the best as it is easy to apply, has excellent spreadability, and is also convenient to rinse off.

7. No Oil on Scalp Skin

Oiling the scalp, skin, and hair roots aggressively is the most common wrong hair care practice. It is considered to increase blood flow to the scalp skin and thus increase hair growth. The increased blood flow to the scalp skin is short-lived and insufficient to increase hair growth. Also, the damage from applying oil aggressively to scalp skin can result in further damage to roots. So restrict hair oiling to only shafts of the hairs.

8. Condition After Every Wash

Whenever you wash your hair, in addition to dirt and grim the natural moisture also washed off to some extent. Therefore, make it a habit to condition your hair after every head wash. Doing so will give the hair its lost shine. This also helps in easy combability of the hairs and thus better management.

9. Wash Routinely, Once a Week is Not Enough

As the temperature drops, many of us feel lazy washing our heads. However, it is essential to understand that clean roots and hair shafts are the first steps to healthy hair. Washing two times/ a week is the minimum hair wash frequency we should all have.

10. Dry Shampoo Very Occasionally

Again, winter is the time when dry shampoos look most tempting.  It gives the liberty of hair looking clean even without washing. But remember, dry shampoo should be used occasionally and not as a routine. Over time, with dry shampoos used frequently, dirt and grime will build up on the scalp's skin, making it unhealthy.

Following these fantastic tips can be a great way of keeping your hair healthy and lustrous. Winter can make it challenging to do so, but adhering to these guidelines can significantly help. If you want personalized guidelines or hair treatment for hair concerns, consult a hair specialist now. The experts at Skination Clinic are known for offering effective hair loss and hair fall treatment in South Delhi (Chhattarpur), to learn more, pay a visit now.

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