10 Tips for Preventing Dry Skin in Winters

Feb, 08 2024

Winters are enjoyed by many as a time of relaxation from the summer heat. However, our skin has to bear the brunt of dryness, flaking, and being vulnerable to irritation. The skin behaves dry in winter as the humidity of airdrops, resulting in the loss of skin moisture. Also, bathing with hot water further strips hydration from the skin.

While discussing with our dermatologists, they said that they see many patients who are facing varied issues due to dry skin in winter. In a detailed conversation with the best dermatologist in Faridabad, we gathered vital dermat tips to stop dry skin in winter. To help the sufferers, this blog will be the best way out.

Top 10 Tips to Prevent Dry Skin in Winters

Here are the top 10 tips on how to prevent dry skin in winter:

1. Avoid Hot Water Baths   

This habit of using hot water for bathing drains skin moisture content. Always use lukewarm water, which is much better for maintaining skin hydration.

2. Take Short Showers

In winter, 5 minutes of short shower time is the best. The longer you are wet and immersed in water, the higher the chances of skin dryness

3. Avoid Harsh Body Washes

Antibacterial body washes disturb the natural flora of the skin. The ones with fragrance can irritate the skin. And the body washes with physical exfoliators can be too aggressive this season. So stick to mild cleansers in winter for both bath and face wash.

4. Decrease the Frequency of Exfoliation

Chemical exfoliation with face washes that are AHA or BHA-based is helpful when done at a lesser frequency than in summer. It ensures that skin health is maintained and does not get too flaky or dry.

5. Moisturise Twice Daily

Immediately after a bath or facewash, when the skin is damp, is the right time to moisturize. Using ample moisturizer on the body is vital for proper hydration. When on the face, moisturize after every face wash. Stick to non-comedogenic moisturizers. On the face, avoid thick creams, gel-based moisturizers are always better, even in winter, if your skin is acne-prone.

6. When using Room Heaters, Couple it Up with an Air Humidifier

Rooms heaters make the air warm and dry. Thus, the skin feels drier and itchy. Using a humidifier adds the lost moisture to the air, which happens with heaters in winter.

7. Don’t be Overzealous with Skin Actives 

AHAs and BHAs can make skin flaky and prone to irritation. So use of actives in the winter season should be done cautiously. If there is any sign of skin irritation like burning, redness, or scaling, avoid the use and wait for the temperature to rise.

8. Spot Treatments

Many skin-lightening creams and anti-acne preparations can make skin dry when used in the winter season. If you still want to use them, use them only on the affected areas and spots. That way, you can enjoy the benefit of treatment and still prevent signs of dryness on the skin.

9. Avoid Retinols

Winters is the time to stay away from retinol-based creams. If you are a beginner, wait for a few days and let winter settle. If you are already using retinol, decrease the frequency of application. Also, short contact therapy and fewer applications will keep the side effects of dryness at bay. The sandwich technique, where you apply a layer of moisturizer before and after applying retinol, is great. It is especially beneficial in the winter season when the skin is dry.

10. Drink Enough Water and Maintain a Healthy Diet

Not taking enough water is a common mistake in winter. Maintain your body's hydration by taking at least 2L of water daily. Also, healthy diet that is balanced and rich in fruits and vegetables helps maintain healthy skin. Going overboard with sweets and winter food delicacies should be avoided to enjoy healthy skin this season.

Following these simple tips will help maintain healthy skin and hydrated skin in the winter season. Still, if one feels it is difficult to fight dry skin or is facing any skin or hair issues can simply book a consultation with our expert dermatologists. You must book an appointment at the top skin clinic in Faridabad, Skination Clinic. Start your journey towards a healthier and radiant skin now!

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