How To Care For Your Skin After Dermal Fillers

Jan, 10 2024

Fillers are a rewarding and commonly done skin procedure these days. It is one of those aesthetic procedures that boosts a patient's confidence and makes them happier about how they look and feel about themselves. However, taking care of the skin after the session is done is important. The aftercare is not tough but should be understood properly.

Here, making it easy for readers, our expert skin doctors have shared information which has helped us put it in the chronology of what to do from immediately after the session till the next seven days after dermal fillers. What would be better than learning from the experts? The experts who provide the best dermal fillers treatment in Faridabad and Chhattarpur at Skination Clinic.

Guidelines to Take Care of Your Skin After Dermal Fillers Treatment

1. Must Apply

Once the procedure is done, the antibiotic cream will be applied at the dermatologist’s clinic. This antibiotic cream will be prescribed to you as well. Make sure you apply this cream to the treatment area twice daily for five days after the session.

2. Washing the Face 

For the first two days, washing your face with drinking water is important. Since puncture points can be open in the initial 1-2 days, washing the face with tap water in this window of time is not advisable.

3. No Touch Technique

Touching the treatment area often, picking, scrubbing and rubbing is not a good general habit, especially after fillers. It can infect the skin and is always advised against. Touch your face only when applying the antibiotic cream, while washing the face and while doing routine sunscreen and moisturizing cream application.

4. Continue with these Skin Routines.

Daily moisturizer use and sunscreen are the two basic skin care steps; don’t miss these even after doing your fillers. 

5. Break from the Activities.
Retinols, AHAs, and BHAs – that are commonly present in night creams, acne gels, skin lightening and brightening creams and under-eye creams need a break for 2-3 days after the session

6. Hydrate the Body from Within!
Keeping yourself hydrated enhances the dermal filler outcome. Remember, Hyaluronic acid is the chief constituent of dermal fillers, with a special characteristic of imbibing water. So, drink at least 2-3 liters of water daily.

7. Prone to Herpes- Let Your Doctor Know.

If you are prone to developing herpes infection around your mouth, share this history with your treating dermatologist. In this case they might prescribe oral antivirals to you, do take it as advised. Taking oral antivirals when prone to herpes infection keeps them safer from having an episode after dermal fillers.

8. Exercises have to Wait!

Swimming and gymming should be avoided for 2- 3 days after fillers. Similarly, heavy and strenuous exercises should not be done for 3 days after fillers.

9. Stay Away- from Alcohol and Cigarette Smoking.

Any skin healing is delayed with alcohol intake and cigarette smoking. It is best to stay away, at least in the initial 7-10 days phase, after the filler.

10. No to Salon Services

Massaging, facials and clean-ups are a total no after fillers. Wait for at least one week if you want to get any such salon service done. 

11. Avoiding Supplements like 

Ginkgo biloba, green teas, fish oils, ginseng and vitamin E are advised to be stopped for one week before and even after treatment

12. Medical history

Suppose you are on medicines like antihypertensives, blood thinners or antidepressants. In that case, it is imperative to inform and discuss with your treating dermatologist as they will help you guide on its intake or withdrawal. 

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