Is Laser Hair Removal (LHR) Safe for All Skin Types and Tones

Oct, 03 2023

Laser hair removal is the most sought-after procedure for the removal of unwanted body hair. Unlike salon services that are repetitive and exhausting, laser hair removal is permanent and rewarding. Amongst various hair removal procedures, the laser has gained the most popularity in India, considering the hassle-free hair removal and not requiring frequent salon visits.

The laser hair removal in Faridabad and Chhattarpur at Skination Clinic is customized for each patient, making use of international USFDA-approved technology. This ensures taking care of unwanted hairs on various hair types, hair colours, skin tones, and body areas. The most common question that we get during our consultations is: Is laser hair removal safe? This blog by our expert laser specialist, Dr. Rajat Gupta, will answer this as well as other common queries or notions people have about lasers. Let’s start by learning why it is feared as an unsafe option.

The conventional single wavelength lasers just a few years back used to work well for people who had fair skin and dark hair. This was due to this fact that people with different skin types wonder if it would be apt for them? This is because the laser targets the colour of the skin, which is melanin. This colour is present both on the hair root and on the skin. So, to keep it safe, lasers were designed in a way that targets the root of the hair and reduces hair growth & hits the melanin of the skin less aggressively to keep it safe. Thus, fairer skin tone people were safer candidates for laser hair reduction. However, with the advancements in medical technology advanced lasers can be used for all skin types.

Laser Hair Reduction for All Skin Types at Skination Clinic

So, learn how the currently available laser hair reduction procedure at Skination Clinic works on all skin tones. 

With the latest USFDA-approved technology that uses multiple wavelengths in one single laser machine platform, we can treat people with different skin tones with excellent results.

To understand how lasers can work on all skin tones, let's know some simple physics of lasers. The laser light, when targeted on the skin, penetrates a particular depth. So, when using multiple wavelength light, you are actually penetrating different skin depths. The fact is that thin and thick hairs are also placed at different depths in the skin. Thinner hairs are more superficial, and wider is deep below the skin. Thus, different hair types are targeted by using this type of laser that has multiple wavelengths.

Also, skin of different colours can be treated exceptionally safely, considering the most advanced technology used. Here, a single probe of laser that comes in contact with the skin has combined wavelengths.

Technologies Used for Lasers at Skination Clinic

Skination Clinic, one of the best clinics for laser hair removal in Chhattarpur and Faridabad, for laser hair reduction is Primelase HR is one of the highest-rated US FDA-approved laser technology. The powerful 4800 W machine is a triple wavelength blend as follows:

1. 810 nm

In general, these wavelength machine lasers are recommended to treat people who have dark, dense hairs and initial sessions. It works better on lighter skin tones when compared with larger wavelength lasers.

2. 940 nm

This wavelength standing between the two other wavelengths helps in treating the Indian skin shades of light brown with unwanted hairs.

3. 1060 nm

This longer wavelength laser does not target the skin melanin much as it penetrates deep to reach the deeper hairs. It has more affinity to the haemoglobin of blood vessels around hair root follicles as compared to skin and hair root melanin. Thus making it a very safe option for darker skin tones.
Now, when we are using the advanced laser, which is a blend of these three wavelengths together, it ensures treating skin of different tones and types. Thus, people of different skin tones and types can be treated both effectively and safely.

What Are the Top 3 Advantages of Opting for a Laser that Works on All Skin Tones?

1. With Season and Travel, Your Skin Can Change Colour

Often we find ourselves tanned after a beach holiday or sunbathing after an open market shopping spree. We, on the other hand, say that when we were indoors for some days together, our skin colour improved. Here, the laser that works on all skin tones is a major advantage so that each session that you opt for, irrespective of when your skin is lighter or darker than usual, you get the desired outcome. That is, it is both a safe and effective laser treatment that you get.

2. Different Body Areas have Different Skin Colours

Many people complain that their face and body colour do not match. Also, many times, underarms, bikini, elbows and knees are darker than the rest of your body. Now, when getting done a laser hair reduction session for these areas, a laser that has a single wavelength effectively and safely targets only one skin tone.

Therefore, by treating different body parts that have different skin colours, you will not have to worry about not getting consistent results on areas of different skin tones.

3. Different Individuals Have Different Skin Tones

This is something we all know. Now, let's say you recommend laser hair reduction to a friend or family member for a different skin colour than yours. You will not have to worry about the outcome as the machine targets all skin tones well.

Is Laser Hair Reduction More Painful When Done on Darker Skin Tones?

Advanced machines with ice-cold tips are virtually painless. However, it depends on individual tolerance for pain. Most people only feel a pinprick or snap for a short duration. Some describe the discomfort as a rubber band snapping the skin. What we at Skination Clinic want you to know is that it is momentary and just a feel of little heat on the skin. It is the duration when laser light is in contact with the skin, which is a few minutes of time, to be precise.

Still being a first-timer, it is good to do a patch test to see how you feel.

Applying numbing cream only on sensitive areas like bikinis is the protocol at Skination Clinic, followed for providing the best laser hair removal, to ensure maximum patient comfort.

What are the Benefits of Laser Hair Reduction? 

Key benefits for laser hair removal are:

  • Saving your time, energy and resources from frequent salon visits.
  • No clumsy and frequent wax, threading, razor and epilator sessions.
  • Silky, smooth skin is achieved with laser, and the results are permanent.
  • Ingrown hairs respond well. This is actually the best procedure for ingrown hairs.
  • Can also help in medical indications like pilonidal sinus, hidradenitis suppurativa, etc. 

Now that you have gained a basic understanding from this blog, can lasers be used for varied skin types, and would they be safe? We believe that now one can easily schedule an appointment with our experts. Now is the time to say goodbye to that unwanted hair with an advanced laser treatment.

Thus, to get the best laser removal or to learn about the laser hair removal price, visit Skination Clinic, the best skin clinic in Chhattarpur and Faridabad. Book a consultation with our expert dermatologist, Dr. Rajat Gupta, who is a skilled laser expert.

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